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Positive parenting for separated & divorced parents.

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Improve Your Relationships:
Better parenting after divorce starts here. 

I help separated and divorced parents work through their anger, frustration, and uncertainty so that they can gain control of their lives and enjoy better relationships with their kid(s) and their ex.

Everyone deserves to feel good. When you are at your best, your kids will be too!

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Positive Parenting After Divorce Benefits:

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Are you:

  • Overwhelmed trying to manage your divorce, encounters with your ex, and raising your children?

  • Tired of so many emotions that range from elation of being free from your marriage to devastation over the loss of the future you planned with your partner?

  • Confused about the best way to parent your kids positively after your divorce?

  • Focused on learning how to work through the grief and anger of your divorce and create a satisfying future?​

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then working with Jeanne Ward will give you the answers you are seeking. 

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Are you struggling through your separation or divorce and don’t have the time, patience, or knowledge of how to make things smoother with your kids and/or ex (soon-to-be-ex)? This checklist gives you 1 action-item per step that you can take today to re-direct your frustrations to joy!

Your path to positive parenting after divorce.
Take the first step today!

Please reach out to schedule a complimentary 20-minute consultation:

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Jeanne Ward,
Parenting Divorce Coach

Hello. My name is Jeanne. As a Certified Divorce Coach, I help you move from anger, confusion, and frustration to a place of calm, focus, and connection. It’s ok to be where you are at; wherever that is, you can have a better relationship with your kids. We work together to help you find the ways that will get you, and your kids, from feeling awful to elated.

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Positive Parenting Resources

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